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Alan Jackson- Livin On Love
Alan Jackson- I dont need the booze
Andréa Bocceli- Because We Believe
Andréa bocelli e Laura Pauzini-Vivo Per lei
Andréa Bocceli- Solamente Una vez
Andréa Bocceli- Romanza
Andréa Bocceli- Volare
Andréa Bocceli- Ama Credi Vai
Andréa Bocceli- Besame Mucho
Andréa Bocceli-Sara-Luciano-I Hate Y love You
Andréa Bocceli- Canzone Stonate    
Abba- I have dream
Abba- Dancing queen
Abba- Fernando
Andy Williamns-The look of love
Andy Williamns- The more I see you
Andy Williamns- The Shadow of your smile
Andy Williamns- Born Free
Andy Williamns- Autumn Leaves
Andy Williamns- Feelings
Andy Williamns- Cant take my eyes of you
Andy Williamns- Charade
Andy Williamns- Love is a many splendored thing
Andy Williamns- More
Avril Lavigne- Complicated      
Avril Lavigne- Im Witch You                    
Avril Lavigne- Things Ill Never Say              
Avril Lavigne- Why          
Bárbara Streisand- Evergreen
Barbara Streisend- Funny Girl
Barbara Streisend_ Memories
Barbara Streisend- Who sorry now
Barbara Streisend- Whoman in love
Barbara Streisend- Whetout or love
Barbara Streisend- Somewhere
Bob Dylan- House of the rising sun
Bob Dylan- Buckets of rain
Bob Dylan- Knocking on heavens door
Beioncé- Bonnie & Clide           
Beioncé- Check Up or it   
Beioncé- Irrepleaceable      
Carpenters- Top of the whorld  
Carpenters- Sweet sweet smile  
Carpenters- Solo Ayer
Carpenters- Jambalaya
Carpenters- Goodbye love
Carpenters- Downtown
Carpenters-Birds Suddenly appear
Celine Dion- The Prayer c/Andréa Bocelli       
Celine Dion-Il Divo- I Believe in you
Celine Dion- The Power of love
Celine Dion-Barbara Streisand- Tell Him
Connie Francis- Al Di la
Connie Francis-Hank W Jr- Singing the blues
Connie Francis- Cuando Calienta el sol  
Connie Francis- Napoli
Creed- My Own Prison      
Creed- My Sacrifice       
Creed- One    
Creed- Torn         
Creed- Unforgiven    
Dean Martin- Cha cha cha d'amour
Dean Martin- You 're nobody 'Til Somebody loves you
Dean Martin- Sway
Demis Russo- Goodby my love goodby
Demis Russo- Forever and ever
Demis Russo- Eternamente
Demis Russo- Lonely Lady of Arcadia
Demis Russo- Mamy Blue
Demis Russo- My Memories
Demis Russo- Italian Song
Destynys Childs- Through With Love      
Destynys Childs- Showmeth Way     
Destinys Childs- And Up Love     
Destynys Childs- Jumpim Jumpim    
Doris Day- Somewhere Over The Rainbow      
Earl Grant-I can stop loving you
Earl Grant-Tender is the night
Earl Grant-If Only had time
Elton John-Sorry seens to be hardwst word
Elton John-A word in spanish
Elton John-Are you ready for love
Elton John-Blue Eyes
Elton John- Candle in the wind
Elton John- Something about the way you look
Elvis Presley-My Way
Elvis Presley-There goes my everthing
Elvis Presley-Always on my mind
Elvis Presley-Hawaillan weding song
Elvis Presley- Memories
Elvis Presley-Mood Blues
Elvis Presley- Oh Danny boy
Elvis Presley-Today tomorow wand forever
Elvis Presley-Unchayned melody
Elvis Presley- Yesterday
Elvis Presley- Falling love with you
Elvis Presley-Ill  Remember you
Elvis Presley- Love letters
Emerson Nogueira-Hors with no name
Emerson Nogueira-Mrs Robinson
Emerson Nogueira- The Logical Song
Emerson Nogueira- Roxanne
Emerson Nogueira-Wish you where here
Enya- Angels
Enya- Only time
Enya- Tolkien my it be
Enya- Wild child
Engelbert Humperdink- This is may song
Engelbert Humperdink- For the good times
Engelbert Humperdink- Brazil
Engelbert Humperdink- Cuando me enamoro
Engelbert Humperdink- A Man whithout love
Engelbert Humperdink- The last waltz
Engelbert Humperdink- There goes my everything
Earl Grant- House Of Bamboo          
Eminem- Frestyle Rap Olympics      
Eminem- Lose Your Self     
Eminem- Without Me     
Evanecence- Fallien    
Evanecence- I Believe In You  
Evanecence- Imaginary     
Evanecence-My Immortal    
Evanecense- Bring Me To Life    
Fred Mercury- Living on my own
Fred Mercury- Who wants to ive forever
Frank Sinatra-New Yorky
Frank Sinatra-Fly me to the moon
Frank Sinatra- Moon river
Frank Sinatra- My Way
Frank Sinatra- Stranger in the night
Frank Sinatra- Moonlight Serenade
Frank Sinatra- Blue Moon
Green Day- She        
Green Day- Welcome To Paradise     
Green Day- Basket Case      
Homo Sapiens-Cinque minuti e poi
Homo Sapiens-Dolce la cera
Homo Sapiens-Miele
Homo Sapiens- Tornero tornero
Homo Sapiens-Gocce di Malincolia
Il Divo- Regresa a mi
Il Divo- Ancora en aranjuez
Il Divo- Existe dentro de me
Il Divo- Pour que tu m'aimer encore
Il Divo- The man you love
Il Divo- Ti Amero
Il Divo- Every time I llok at you
John Lennon- The ballad of John e Yoko
John Lennon- Mother
John Lennon- Angela
John Lennon- Imagine
John Lennon-  Whoman
Johnny Mathis - And I love you so
Johnny Mathis - A man and a woman
Johnny Mathis - A time for us
Johnny Mathis - It is impossible
Johnny Mathis- Laura
Johnny Mathis- Moon river
Johnny Mathis- When a child is born
Julie Andrews- The lonely goatherd
Julie Andrews- La noviça rebelde
Julie Andrews- Six teen going on seven teen
Juliie Andrews- The hills are alive
Julio Iglesias- El dia que me quieras
Julio Iglesias- Spanish boleros
Julio Iglesias- A media luz
Julio Iglesias- Abrazame
Julio Iglesias- Cant'help falling in love
Julio Iglesias- Corazon
Julio Iglesias- Jurame
Julio Iglesias- Momentos
Julio Iglesias- Noche de ronda
Julio Iglesias- Return To Love /Nana Mouskouri 
Julio Iglesias- Se Que Volveras/ Nana Mouskouri       
Jack Jackson- Good People                            
Jeanne Pruet- Just like Your Daddy      
Jeanne Pruet- Satin Sheets   
Juliane Werding- Liebsbrrief /Franz Bauer        
Julie London- Diamonds Are As Girl Best Friend           
Julie London- Fly Me To The Moon         
Julie London- Gone With The Wind    
Julie London- More      
Julie London- The Thrill Is Gone        
Julie London- Wont Someone Please Belong To Me       
Jack Jersey  Blue Spanish Eyes              
Jack Jersey- Dont Break This Heart                         
Jack Jersey- I Wonder          
Jack Jones- Charade     
Jack Jones- The Impossible Dream    
Jack Jones- Wives And Lover     
Kamelot-Noting Ever Dies Vic    
Kamelot- Serenade    
Kamelot The Edge of Paradise      
Kamelot- The Haunting        
Kamelot- Descentof The Archangel      
Kamelot- Millenium    
Lesley Garret- Tributo à Diana
Leningrad Cowboys- Red Army Chorus                
Leningrad Cowboys- Happy Together        
Linck Park- Cralin          
Linck Parck- Doesnt Even Matter   
Linck Parck- Paper Cut   
Lionell Richie- Angel                
Lionell Richie- Still      
Lionell Richie- Thall Times A Lady     
Lionell- Richie- I Just Called To Say I Love You    
Luciano Pavarotti- Granada
Luciano Pavaroti- O sole mio
Luciano Pavarotti e Sarah Brighgton-My Friends
Luciano Pavaroti- Ti voglio tanto bene
Louis Amstrong- He have all the time
Luiz Miguel- Por debajo da mesa
Luiz Miguel- Este amor
Luiz Miguel- La ultima noche
Manolo  Otero- Recuerdos junto ao mar
Manolo Otero- A ti
Manolo Otero- Sin ti
Manolo Otero- Y si has de volver
Manolo Otero- Champagne
Manolo Otero- Aun
Manolo Otero- Cantando
Manolo Otero- Amor de madrugada
Matt Monroe- No me dejes
Matt Monroe- Si tu te vas
Matt Monroe- Softly As I love you
Matt Monroe- Till then my love
Mercedes Sosa- Canción para todos
Mercedes Sosa- De alguna manera
Mercedes Sosa- Luna a
Mercedes Sosa- La flor de la canela
Mercedes Sosa- Sol de Peru
Mercedes Sosa-com Fagner- Años
Michael Jackson- Ben
Michael Jackson- The way you make me feel
Malcolm Roberts- Glad Toknow    
Malcolm Roberts- Love Is All     
Malcolm Roberts- My I Have The Next Dream With You     
Malcolm Roberts- My Way     
Malcolm Roberts- My I Have The Next Dream With You     
Malcolm Roberts- My Way   
Malcolm Roberts- One Love      
Marlin Manson- I Dont Like The Drups   
Marlin Manson- Astonishing Panorama Of The End Timer     
Marlin Manson- Celebrithy Death Match     
Marty Robbins- I Walk Alone     
Marvin Gaye- Soul Bill Withers Aunt No Sunshine   
Marvin Gaye- Tammi Terrel Hold Me Oh My Darling       
Marvin Gaye- Your Unchanging Love     
Marty Robbins-Some Memories Just Wont Die      
Marty Robbins-Blue Is My World       
Matt Monroe- Answer Me       
Matt Monroe- My Love Devotion     
Matt Monroe- Unchained Melody           
Morris Albert- Feelings          
Morris Albert- She's  my girl       
Morris Albert- Do You Miss Me    
Morris Albert- Conversation     
Nana Mouskoury-Love Story
Nana Mouskoury- And I love yo so
Nana Mouskoury-Ave Maria no morro
Nana Mouskoury-Recuerdos
Nana Mouskoury- Medley
Nana Mouskoury- Only You
Nana Mouskoury- Yesterday
Nana Moskoury- Day Is Done       
Nana Mouskoury- Four And Twenty Hours      
Nana Mouskoury- Friend The Sea              
Nana Mouskoury- I Have A Dream    
Nana Mouskoury- If You Love Me 
Nana Mouskoury- Over And Over      
Nana Moskoury- Try To Remember        
Nana Mouskoury- Yolanda      
Oliver Onions- Fantasy
Oliver Onions- Freedon
Oliver Onions- Manana
Oliver Onions- Santa Maria
Pat Boone- Love letters in the sand
Pat Boone- Anastasia
Pat Boone- Don't forbide me
Pat Boone- Friendly persuasion
Pat Boone-Tammy
Pat Boone- When the swallons come back
Pat Boone- Bernardine          
Pat Boone- Chains Of Love      
Pat Boone- Why Baby Why   
Paul Anka- Diana    
Paul Anka- Dont Gamble With Love    
Paul Anka- Goodnight My Love    
Paul Anka- Lonely Boy  
Paul Anka- Wating For You    
Paul Anka- Your Love   
Phil Collins- Another day in paradise
Phil Collins- Do you remember
Pink Floyd- Another brick in the wall
Pink Floyd- D'ont leave me now
Pink Floyd- Hey You
Ray Charles- Cry me
Ray Charles- I Cant stop loving you
Ray Charles- I had a dream
Ray Charles- Stella by starlight
Ray Charles- Sweet memories
Roland Kaiser-Manchmal Mocht Ich Schon Mit Dir      
Roland Kaiser- Viva Lamour       
Roland Kaiser- Amore Amore    
Roland Kaiser- Dich Zu Eben          
Roland Kaiser- Jane   
Roland Kaiser- Lieb Mich Ein Letzter Mal     
Roland Kaiser- Lieb Ohne Lugen Lugen     
Roland Kaiser- Was Ware Wenn      
Sarah Brighton- Memory
Sarah Brighton- Dust in the wind
Sarah Brighton- Free
Sarah Brighton e Josh Groisban- Tu quieres volver
Sarah Brighyon- There for me
Sarah Brighton- This Love
The Manhatthan Transfer- La la means I love you
The Manhatthan Transfer- Foreign affair
The Manhatthan Transfer- On the sunny side of the street
Tom Jones- Green green grass of home
Tom Jones- From now here
Tom Jones- Whithout love
Tom Jones- Delilah
Tom Jones- Ill never fall in love again
The Platters- Have Mercy      
The Platters- I Wanna       
The Platters- Im Sorry     
The Platters- My Prayer         
The Platters- The Great Pretender     
Toni Brexton- I Dont Want To     
Toni Brexton- Loon Pharos Hit The Free Way     
Toni Brexton- Unbreak  Ny Heart     
Toni Brexton- You Are Making Mehigh   
Tony Bennett- Stranger In Paradise     
Tony Bennett- The Good Life      
Tony Bennett- What A Wonderful World     
Tony Bennett- Stormy Wather/Nalalie Cole      
Tony Bennetti- Winter Wonderland     
The Walkers- Forever Together    
The Walkers- My Darling Helena       
The Walkers- Sha La La La      
Vienna Boy Choir- Edelweiss
Vienna Boy Choir- Amazing Grace
Van Hallen- Ice Cream man
Van Hallen- Pretty whoman
Van Morrison- Brow Eyed Girl     
Van Morrison- Mystery   
Van Morrison- Someone like You     
Willie Nelson- Crazi
Willie Nelson e Ray Charles- Sevem spanish Angels
Willie Nelson- Amazing Grace
Willie Nelson- America
Willie Nelson- Faded love
Willie Nelson- Good morning América
Willie Nelson- You ara always on my mind
Whitney Houston- I will always love you
Whitney Houston- I'm every woman
Whitney Houston-One moment in time
Whitney Houston- Run to you
Whitney Houston- Believe  in you and me
Whitney Houston- I have nothing
Whitney Houston- Miracles
Whitney Houston- Away is a manager